Thursday, September 10, 2009


I am lost in words, in finding things to write about. Nothing much has been going on, except for working and spending some very preciously rare time with my family and friends. Laziness has caught up with me, I have been cooking and baking very very very rarely nowadays. It's hard to shake off old habits. Now even weight loves me so much that I can't shave him off, and fats stick to me like glue, he adores me so much. Why do all the bad things are so crazily in love with me (or should I say the other way round) and the good ones are 184,629,831,057 miles away from me?!?

When we're still a kid, we demand for new toys, parents' attention, grand birthday parties with huge cakes bigger than the size of your own; when we're in primary we talk about 'i-don't-friend-who' and gossip about who likes who; in secondary it's all about PMR, SPM, having bf's gf's; in college we detest assignments, trying hard not to fall asleep in classes and anticipate breaks and lunch and counting the time to go home. Now, with everyone working in different industries, all we talk about during meet ups is gossiping about who's getting married, selling insurance packages, make ups etc. I hate it when friends ask to go out for a drink and end up proposing an insurance package to you. But well, I guess it's something that you need to bear with and it's just part of their job.

Triple 09 just passed. Supposingly it's a very meaningful date, but nothing so meaningful to me. It would be special for couples who get engaged or married on this date, the number '9' being a symbolic numeric for 'longevity' or 'everlasting'. For me? har har har.

Working in a place like this, I see people who can really afford to spend. Giorgio Armani, Lewre, LV, Gucci, Prada, name it you've got it. If only I can indulge in shopping, spending with elegance like them. Yeah, I need to find a rich man in the first place. Or perhaps to prepare the bait, I need to spend some money for plastic surgery first? Oh gosh.

Birthday is coming soon. Har har har. I don't exactly mention about my birthday all these while, don't I? I've stopped asking for celebrations since like... primary school? I've not asked for people to celebrate with me, nor organising a party to welcome this 'festival'. We have it every year, nothing special to hoo hah about. I guess, when people gets older, they care lesser about special occasions. I respect those who celebrate anniversaries every single year. Good for them, keep up the good job.

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