Sunday, June 07, 2009


Work has been ... hectic.

I wouldn't say working equals to "no life", working 6 days a week and being at work place for 12 hours a day, yet I still get Sundays off. No doubt time for entertainment and rest has been shortened drastically.

Grateful to meet new people, very very nice people. Too nice that I felt like I'm being pampered. My colleagues treat me really good, and I do hope it's how they are and who they are. *namo namo*

Learning new things daily, new items, new ingredients, new ideas, new combination, new philosophies, new advice. Gosh, there's so much to learn and remember. Especially attitude wise.

Wander and wonder. Wonder for the unknown. Wandering around the unexpected. Hopefully, things will be for the better :) Ganbate kudasai everyone. Live for the better and put aside your doubts and sadness.

Waiting... anticipating... wanting... to watch Transformer 2... mwahahahahaha!

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