Sunday, June 14, 2009


Just as I thought it will be a good Sunday, my only off day of the week, my only day to accompany my family...

Like usual, went for breakfast at OUG with family. And yesterday, out of the blue, I asked my dad if we could go Pudu market to take a look cuz it's been like more than 10 years I have not been there. Imagine, it's just 10 minutes drive away yet I never go for 10 years. The only thing I can remember about Pudu market is - gold fish. Yeah, there's a stall selling fishes there. When I was still a kid, I remember going there every weekend to see gold fish. Haha.

Ok, continue the story. So yeah, after breakfast we head to Pudu market. Hell it was croooooooooowded and the market is looooooooong. Freaking 50 stalls selling seafood, 50 selling pork, 50 selling chicken, 50 selling vege. And I only walked like half of it, and hell I didn't get to see gold fish :( Bought some seafood and meat for experiment and off we went home.

Didn't realize anything until like late evening when my phone in my bag rang (I carry a shoulder bag to the market). Was looking for my phone and 'ei? How come there's a hole at the side of my bag?'

First thought was, wah seh, lousy material, tear until like that... Think think think, something wrong... It doesn't look like a teared cut. Second thought - mtfk, blardy thief!!!

Well, thank goodness, nothing was stolen. Phew. Double check and I found this.

Wah lao eh! So sharp hor your knife! This was a RM10 note I just place in my bag without keeping it in my purse. The knife just slice through it. I'm impressed. So sharp. If it was a normal knife and you sharpen it so sharp, I wish you blardy thief could sharpen my knife for me, so that I can kill you with it you IDIOT! But dad said it might be a razor blade.

Nevermind, a blessing in disguise. Thank goodness nothing was taken away from me. I don't know when did it happen anyway. It could be in either market, only I never realize it.

Oh, my new toy! Woo hoo! One of the items in my wishlist this year. I thought I can only get it at a three digit price, but found a cheap one today! Hopefully it's really stainless steel. Pfffft.

PS: Girls out there, take good care of your bag always. A pouch is recommended rather than hand carry/shoulder bags. And at crowded places, please hug your bag tightly!!! You'd never know when it will happen because everything happen so quickly. And you'd never know it might be a LADY who steals it! (I suspect only la, no proof)

I'm never full, you're BLARDY FOOL! Curse you kena bang! DLGF!

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