Friday, December 04, 2009

My Workplace

Fuhh, I think so far this is the longest period of time I've not updated my blog! Pardon me. Can't seem to think of any topics to post about.

Now, many of you knows where I'm working at but don't really know what type of food my work place serve. At Sage we don't consider our restaurant as fine dine but close to it though. Modern elegance with superior quality (yes we do have abalones, truffles)

Not say you, even my parents haven't been there before. Very normal reactions I get when people ask me the price of the food is: O_O". Typical. If I had not worked here I would have the same too. "Why is the portion of pasta so small! Can't even fill quarter of my stomach!" But trust me, you'll be full.

I brought my parents to my work place for dinner in conjunction with my mum's birthday last month, placing a reservation for the chef's degustation menu by Chef Takashi Kimura. On one hand it's the celebration, on the other hand it's to introduce my work place to both my parents. I guess it's something new for them, with all the ingredients and types of food.

The chef's degustation is a 7 course menu. 9 if you consider the amuse bouche and coffee/tea. It differs almost daily, depending on the ingredients available in season or whatever's freshest. If you or your gf/bf/parents are a food fan of japanese/french cuisine, why not give it a try. You'll be amazed. Well, we also have very normal food like oxtail pasta, roasted cod, smoked salmon, confit of duck leg etc. That will be a 3-course (appetizer, main course and dessert of your choice) or 4-course (with an additional chef's special of the day), priced at RM150 and RM170 per set respectively.

So here's an insight of how the chef's degustation menu is.

Freshly homemade bread with homemade basil dip

Our mocktail (not in the menu): Virgin Mojito :p

Amuse bouche: Smoked Salmon Tartare with Avocado & Ponzu Jelly

1st course: Tataki of Lightly Cured Saba with Aubergine and Avruga Caviar

2nd course: Fedelini Pasta with Mizudako (Japanese Octopus) and Abalone

Far view of the kitchen: Chef Counter in front, inside is the main kitchen

3rd course (my fave): Slow Cooked Venison with Foie Gras & Red Wine Sauce

Pan Fried Maine Lobster with Tai Fillet and Americaine Sauce

Mirror mirror hanging on the ceiling, the chefs at work

5th course (main course): Char Grilled Wagyu with Veal Sweet Bread and Yuzukoshou (that small lump of mustard-like paste that's yuzukoshou, a citrus chili pickle paste)

6th course: Fig and Lime Granite

7th course: Feuillantine of Mascarpone Ice Cream wth Kahlua Jelly

This is the petite four served with the coffee/tea, cute lil macaroon :)

No fancy styling of food but it's filled with flavors. Try it and you'll know.


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