Sunday, December 27, 2009


In 2 days time 2009 will be coming to an end... I guess everyone is doing the same - reviewing their achievements in 2009 and make new resolutions for 2010.

For me, time passed by very very quickly this year. It's been an emotional year for me. Very
emotionally worked out. A lot happened.

After a year of measuring floor, I finally stepped into the working world in March 2009. Challenging, every now and then we're learning from mistakes and try to be better and better.

Grandpa's pass away few days before I started work didn't help at all. It makes me hate the number '18' a lot. A lot. Very often you just can't help missing the past, wishing you could turn back time and just stay there. There in the Neverland.

A year that I see D the LEAST. 10 fingers can count the amount of times I see him this year. WTF. Missing him loads. But one fortunate thing is i bumped into him! Haha. Lucky me. This year, I'm like an outcast from the 'star chasing' group. From totally active to totally zero.

Met a lot of new friends, bumped into some old friends, most importantly still keeping in touch with many old friends, although the opportunities are rare. Everyone is busy at different times, not easy to plan and gather everyone at the same time. Some special people entered my life, and I cherish them a lot because they taught me a lot. Isn't it amazing fate can be? It's just unexplainable.

All I can wish for is a better, more independent, more disciplined me in 2010. Work smarter, work harder. Yes! I can do it!

Wishing all of you a Happy New 2010!!! May your 2010 be filled with prosperity, happiness and lotsa love! There's definitely some love from me! Haha! Mwaks!


thenomadGourmand said...

hi hi!!
Droppin by cos i was lookin for Auntie Ssam - & saw yr post ;)

U work at the Sage? havent been thr..the prices not exactly my budget tho i think the RM100 w-day lunch is good. My friend Kang told me Sage is close for re-works now?

Happy New year & be strong..I'm sure tis year will be better.

Eve Lynn said...

Hi, nice to meet you! :)

Yes i'm working in Sage... yeah our Discovery Lunch is worth a try! Do drop by for lunch :) haha, splurge a little once in awhile it's ok right? Kekeke, the ambience here is good! Come with your special someone :) Valentine's is round the corner :p

It was closed for 4 days due to floor works but now we're back to business as usual... quality assured :)

Happy New Year to you too... nice blog you have there... makes me hungry at 12am... fuhh!

Anonymous said...
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