Monday, July 27, 2009


Multiplicity + complexity + complicated = multiplexcated.


At the beginning of the week, you anticipate for the weekend to come by. At the end of the week, you are eager for the next weekend to come by even faster. Everyday I tell myself, I must use my time more wisely, because I tend to spend too much time online/sleeping *gulp* Yes, I really must. I've wasted enough time already.

A fickle minded person I am, and with a mind that contradicts, it's hard to achieve. Life is full of dreams and wishes, demands and cravings, temptations and sins, I need to work harder and more determined to fulfill all these seductions surrounding me. It's freaking not easy to earn a bucket of gold, and to rely solely on it is even harder. Well, "never say never", I believe the puzzle will be completed one after another, do all the things you want in life, as you only have one life to do it all. I was told by a friend, time is a waste of life, life is a waste of time, so why not waste the time of your life by just enjoying it? :D

Sometimes I wish there's someone who can just see through my mind, someone who knows what I'm thinking of without me telling. I also wish that I'm not so emotional, to be less influenced by others' behaviors and attitudes. I wish I'm less fickle minded, to be able to make decisions without depending on others. I wish... for a lot of things.

Just attended the Young Express 9th Anniversary concert. It's been a long, long time since I last attend events like this. It's been AGES since I last saw D1, Kwokfai, YZ performing. Even H2T said I finally appear. Compare the times I attend events last year and this year, it's like the ratio of 100:1. Good also la, neutralize a bit, if not I think he'll vomit seeing me too much. I nearly did not go for the concert actually, maybe due to the fact that I've not been at one for so long, the mood to go was lost. The view from our place was not very satisfying, but still acceptable. I was really, really happy to see him, like finally. Although it's only seeing from afar. I've missed him from so many events. Even PK can see him shopping at G**d**s, but I don't see him at all. I wish all his events are on Sunday now.

Yasmin Ahmad, one of Malaysia's phenomenal top notch director who has filmed many inspiring ads and movies passed away yesterday. An inspiring, talented individual who everyone will remember in their hearts forever. A great loss indeed. You will remember most of the Petronas ads by heart, carrying the message of love to everyone, you will remember Sepet, Gubra and Talentime. You will remember it all, and you have to remember - Yasmin Ahmad. R.I.P.

Things are always changing... always...
I wish for you, but you're never there, because I'm invisible to you. I wish you'd know.

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