Saturday, April 18, 2009

Book of Leng Chai's

I remember once for my birthday LONG LONG time ago, my friend made me a scrap book compiled of all the good looking guys I love (well, of course not crushes or admired guys, but idols and artistes) Opening the book again makes me faint. They're just too 'my love' lol!

Do you see any similarities in them?

My FIRST LOVE - Jimmy Lin Zhi Ying. Used to watch his MVs everyday when I was small last time.

Nicky Byrne (Westlife). Too bad he's engaged to another. Boo hoo.

Prince William - I USED to think he's good looking. When he was like 18 years old.

Josh Hartnett - Love him since Pearl Harbour. His name in the show - Danny. Kate Beckinsale's name in the show - Evelyn. Mwahahahaha!

Kevin Richardson - Love his voice!

Danell @ Daniel Lee (Malaysian Idol II). The one I respect a lot, craze a lot, and the first whom I star-chase a lot :D

Tor+ Saksit - the talented one. He amazes me. Shy and humble. Cute!

But of course, none beats this guy for now. Danny One - king of hip hop *wub*.

They will be in my book of leng chai's always. More to come, more to come. Mwahahaha!


Shin Sar said...

the similarity is all also leng chais lo :P

hoeyin said...

haha... good thing William is wearing hat to hide his receding hairline....