Monday, May 11, 2009

100509 Mother's Day

I feel like a total different person compared to 2 months ago. Long gone the days of US time zone (sleeping at 6am, waking up at 3pm), the days of seeing my idols every weekend, catching up with entertainment news everyday, go to mamak whenever I want. I don't even bother going online. Yes, you didn't hear me wrong, going ONLINE. Wharhhht?!?!? Onlining, for me, was just like daily dosage of nicotine for smokers, addictive gambling for gamblers, clubbing for clubbers. Friends will always see my name appear on MSN almost 24/7, but now... (CY, right?) I take a look at my portable, I lie flat on the bed.

Ohh, back to the topic. An hour ago, it was still mother's day. We never really celebrate the occasion among my immediate family *guilty* I remember buying a gift set for my mum few years back, when I don't even have income on my own. So indirectly, she's buying it herself =_=" This year, bro and I surprised her with a homemade card & few slices of Secret Recipe cakes *guilty* (last minute beli punya *gulp*). No special gift as my salary this month left only bits and pieces. Sigh! Anyhow, she was surprised.

We usually celebrate the occasion with my mum's family. This year, we couldn't have any celebration, so we just had dinner at grandma's. Since grandpa passed away, we've been spending a lot of free time together, and nonetheless every Sunday, we go for breakfast and dinner.

Dad cooked yesterday. Sang har noodles, crab noodles, kai lan siew yoke, boiled chicken, stir fried crabs. Yummeh. I made some Mango Yoghurt Pudding & Chocolate Brownies, which didn't turn out that well. Still need to try harder.

Bro asked me when was the last time I said I love you to mom, I said 'never'. I guess, we just couldn't say it out in front of our parents. I need more courage to do so.

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers in the whole wide world. You are the best, moms!


chunyiun said...

Yes Sevvy..i dun see u online anymore...but i guess u dun see me online dat often anymore also hor..heheh..

I guess we've outgrown our addiction to the internet..grow up liao lo liddat...:D...

We celebrated mum's dat at Dragon-I..all these while, we dun celebrate one..hehe..

p/s: i missy you!

Shin Sar said...

Giving a huge to my mum also make me teary ady, what more saying I LUB YOU.. I think I'll end up like tab water... or maybe waterfall...

p/s: when will i see u gals again??